The Meta Mosaic Architecture Plan for Student Housing

Here is a The Meta Mosaic Architecture Plan for Student Housing. The mosaic of target architecture is essentially designed to fulfill the purpose of student accommodation in a very effective style. The architecture includes mainly historical triangle concept combined with the use of the mosaic. Solve the two goals in human life. On the one hand the basic units of individual housing are intended for personal use residential. At the same time, sufficient common space is also planned to establish a healthy interaction with the community centers.

Mosaic Architecture Plan for Student
Mosaic Architecture Plan for Student

Apart from solving the housing problem, Meta mosaic floor also offers rooftop gardens and a large common area that can still be used for various other flexible uses by students. The Mosaic Project Meta flexible housing contributes effectively to the society to different functions. Ultimately leads to useful planning and reduce average cost of housing. In addition, each student’s home unit is decided with dimensions of 6.30 meters and 2.80 wide. The size of each unit students are doing enough to meet all their needs. The flexibility in the design process allows developers to easily join two large bedrooms and turn mounted single large room with a bath. Moreover, a large kitchen and spacious rooms are also provided.

Each level of the building extends through the long corridors and therefore a person can easily interact with a neighbor living on the side. Furthermore, the design of the folding of the house can provide shade for the installation of rooftop gardens, which is one of the highlights housing Mosaic Meta plan. In general, roof gardens can be effectively used by students as a mount point or vegetation growing and therefore can contribute effectively to the protection of the environment.



The four main plots located in the center with large gardens. Therefore, it is said that students really can meet the additional requirements, such as the gymnasium, cafeteria playing space, and more. Furthermore, the space community is designed in the basement for all smaller portions of the housing. Installation of style long-term parking is designed specifically for home seventeen and twenty.However, the parking area can be easily expanded to include two levels of the building, ie, fifteen and sixteen. The whole structure of the building allows the student to access the control areas.
Any construction of the building is divided into two broad categories. First, the prefabricated slabs and on the other side, the load bearing interior walls of concrete. Using sand, earth bricks as the main ingredient of concrete walls provide financial support to establish reasonable for the privacy of your home. In addition, a normal temperature is kept calm the interior of the house. Outer panels and windows instead of wood material and are attached to the light linearly weighted pyramid-shaped arrangements of wood. The triangular-shaped pockets, which acts as a respiratory cavities helps to maintain good ventilation of the house, the protection of individual lodges direct sunlight. Therefore act as both greenhouses. Consequently, students can enjoy the warmth of the sun during periods of winter.

Although the mosaic target enclosure is built in the environment, but a mechanical assembly is composed, so that students can meet your needs. A special frontage is provided, which appears as a series of leaves. In fact, helps to adjust the position of the main visor blade for adjusting the tone by the requirement gases.Gas condensing boilers and solar panels majorly contribute to maintenance of the heating condition of the house. The PV system is also one of the highlights of the proposed Mosaic Housing Goal. Therefore, the purpose of using the electrical energy is effectively solved.

Furthermore, the machines of water saving plumbing and greywater recycling, in part, in a extremely beneficial in the house. This project enables the use of all recycled water for certain applications, such as secondary in the toilet. Finally, such an arrangement is that the effluent from the toilet finally goes to the sewage system. Therefore, the housing plan is so advanced Meta Housing classic mosaic design in terms of beneficial elements.

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