Sustainable Office Buildings: Headquarter China Insurance Group

Headquarter China Insurance_a317-Sustainable Office Buildings
Headquarter China Insurance_a317-Sustainable Office Buildings

This is a Sustainable Office Buildings: Headquarter China Insurance Group. International architectural firm Coop Himmelb (l) au has won first prize in competition to design the new “head of China Insurance Group ‘in Shenzen, China. be part of a bustling business district in the heart of Shenzhen composed of a set of individual towers creating a carefully historical figure. the project is a high-rise structure with a height of approximately 200 m with 49plants. the desired program is distributed vertically. a clear separation of public and private functions is given. all public functions are carried out in the building of the base as the program office is in the tower. semi-public, as the program of meeting rooms, conference center, recreation areas and The gardens are concentrated in the center of the building. This area is designedto create a pattern meeting rooms, gardens and recreation areas for all employees and spacesbecome a exchange of knowledge and creativity and synergy between form and function. the “seat of China Insurance Group” is not only recognizable by its significant, but also by its façade. the facade design is driven by power generation. The second skin the facade is formed by weather conditions and internal functions. skin includesphotovoltaic cells to generate electricity and also cells to reduce excessive wind, sun and shade create multimedia presentations. Strategies employing the form of the building to assist natural ventilation and the use of renewable energy sources (wind and solar) to ensure design efficiency and reduce energy consumption and dependence on fossil fuels sources.

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