Sustainable Architecture Diagram

Sustainable Architecture Diagram. The houses were built in the U.S. – Large, toxic cheap, and out of the price range of many families. So they began to create a new form. Their home kits are versatile, easy to assemble, durable, affordable and healthy. They offer items such as greenhouses, basements deep, water harvesting, solar, wind, and even human-powered energy!

Sustainable Architecture Diagram-Construction
Sustainable Architecture Diagram-Construction

Sustainable Architecture Diagram. They are also working on a solar heating system that uses the earth as a thermal mass. This is how to explain the system: “The roof system will collect the summer heat enough to be channeled into the soil around and under the house during the winter months, heat is radiated into the inside of the house at the same while collecting passive solar heat in winter .. “This is called passive annual heat storage (HAP) and was first used in the 1980’s. Noble House, even looking for customers who want to try this system with material costs paid by them: where do I sign?

Sustainable Architecture Diagram. Home Noble does not use gas materials. The drawings are mainly locally grown wood, compressed straw panels, and aluminum doors and windows. They also offer natural interior finishes, as an alternative to painting or staining.

Sustainable Architecture Diagram. Nobel believed that their completed houses will cost between $ 100 – $ 150/square feet, depending on the amount of work to do yourself. They suggest that the average home cost as $ 200/square designed today, most of these houses are not efficient and are full of toxic materials, so Noble a very attractive option for ecological and healthy home.

Sustainable Architecture Diagram. Manor houses are available in one and two floors. In this article are the photos of two floors, Jennifer Morgan of the project in Cape Cod House Noble. It looks like a nice house

Sustainable Architecture Diagram

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