Stunning House – The Meera House by Guz Architects

Another beautiful and smartly-built house is built by Guz Architect in Sentosa Island, Singapore. The main attraction of the house is the grass-covered roof and balcony. The above view of the house is more like grass hill in beach area. The grass roof make the house looks more peaceful, but also make it more artistic with the combination of blue ocean water, bright sky and green tropical surrounding.

Mera House - Stunning House Guz Architects
Mera House – Stunning House Guz Architects

Unique shape with square shape in the first level in the house and curvy shape attached on the top of it is very eye-catching. It is even boosted with raised swimming pool that create alluring image as if the house is floated in a pool. Unlike the exterior view, the interior has more wood accent, which create warmer and more comfortable atmosphere.

Inside the house, there is a fish pond with beautiful relief attached to the rear wall. Moreover, there is a room in the lower level of the house that faces the swimming pool directly. Yes, the swimming pool is transparent from the house, creating the allusion that the room is under the sea. Unique dynamic looking stairs also make the house look more alluring than others. Indeed a great masterpiece of Guz Architects.

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