Rococo Decorating Style

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This is a Rococo Decorating StyleRococo Decorating Style is very rich and extravagant. But despite all the complex functions and ornate Rococo is also very elegant. Rococo peaked in 1700 and 1780 in Western Europe and is in art and music. Rococo The name means “rock” in French, which is appropriate for the ornate rococo asymmetry was inspired by the natural curves of trees, shells, clouds and flowers.

Rococo Decorating Style141Ideas
Rococo Decorating Style141Ideas

Rococo is also known as the late Baroque period, but in contrast to the rococo This allows other reasons for entering were so romantic oriental motifs to suit the rococo style. The square shape has been replaced by wavy lines and shapes. But the love of the complex remained in the Rococo style of the baroque.

The molds of gold is one of the main features of Rococo Decorating Style. Walls and ceilings richly decorated mostly with pastels and gold contrast. The motifs used in the Rococo Decorating Style of the Chinese, Palladio (Italian) Gothik and tastes. As the names suggest that these patterns came from different cultures that have created a certain atmosphere in home decor. Oriental motifs were common in the accessories, while the taste Gothik borrowed elements of Gothic architecture.


Rococo furniture was made of mahogany or was golden and covered with leather, brocade or velvet. There was also sinuous and sculpted silhouettes that complement the wall and ceiling finishes, reinforcing the image of flowers.


French Rococo was known by the colors like yellow, ivory, pink and gold, blue and cream. The combination of pastels and gold is a trademark, so to speak, in this style.

From Rococo style, was to free forms gave way to square asymmetric oval shapes and natural. Even the rooms are designed in oval or willing to avoid a square. The extensive use of mirrors principal feature was also rococo. Have complex-shaped frames that were often gilded. Images Credit: rococo decoratingOpens in a new tab.

Rococo Decorating Style


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