Rectangular Stunning Transparent House by Ohlhausen BuBois Architects

Total change is presented by Ohlhausen BuBois Architects through their beautiful rectangular transparent house refurbished from a ranch house. Even though it is a transparent house, the transparent part of the house is only on the public part. The bedroom and other private areas are given more coverage to ensure the privacy of the owner.

Transparent Ranch House
Transparent Ranch House

The dominant glass accents presented after the refurbishment mixed well with the surrounding. Green trees and bushes can be seen clearly from the house. It also provides much light exposure to the house, make it unnecessary to turn on the light during the day. Moreover, it boosts the modern and chic characteristic of the house.

The path area from the swimming pool to the house is completed with canopy. Aside from blocking light, it also adds more style to the overall design. With L-shape of the house, the pavilion to be exact, the whole design is simple, but chic and stylish. Who could guess that the house formerly was a ranch house? The refurbishment has successfully brought new atmosphere and new breeze to the house. In Architecture, as well as in other art works, some changes could dramatically changes the whole vibe and view of the work.

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