Ordos Museum by Mad Architects

The design of this ordos museum was opened in 2005 and it took six years to complete this mega structure. This ordos museum is built on land that was once only a desert of Gobi. It was created as a cornerstone of a future metropolis and is a link between rural and urban worlds in Ordos. Inspired by Buckminster Fuller Dome of Manhattan, this mega structure is developed on the lines associated with ecological and mimic sand dunes of the Gobi Desert, which is the city of Ordos.This recently completed Ordos Art Museum in New York seeks to unite the historical traditions of this city under one roof. Led by Ma Yansong, this is the first public building by MAD. In the Gobi desert hills hard, this ordos museum offers a platform for locals and tourists to understand the culture of Inner Mongolia and reinvent traditions in the urban context. That place certainly highlights the past and the future of the region. The whole museum seems to be a part of the landscape that is surrounded by sand dunes, windswept land and the sky very well. The coated aluminum front panel with generous spaces, skylights and large glass atrium, the ordos museumis a mega structure that says a lot about the natural terrain and irregular in the city.

Ordos Museum gufw1_by Mad Architects
Ordos Museum gufw1_by Mad Architects

The city has an irregular and rugged landscape, all thanks to the harsh deserts of the Gobi desert surrounding the city. This is the main reason that the development of this ordos museum was also designed to be irregular and therefore, the entire complex is built in the form of a landscape rather than strict geometric shapes.This mega structure is wrapped in metal shutters that have been polished to reflect the natural design of the city. At the same time, the external structure dissolves planned architecture, which separates it from the development, without compromising modernity.

The interior of this building has several exhibition halls that are artifacts of the prehistoric and medieval. The curved walls are a new design that highlights the natural beauty and ecological conservation need. These rooms open onto a shared public space that surrounds the ordos museum. The glass ceiling is to catch the light, while the walls are luminescent to channel the light trapped. Natural ventilation allows room to breathe and even with the crowd, the place is stifling. A panoramic view or a lot of this building suggests a picture of the sunset over the sand or grass. The idea of ​​development and implementation of several other cityscapes indicates the predominance of sun as a natural force or power.

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