Neoclassical Decorating Style

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This is a Neoclassical Decorating Style. Neoclassical style of decoration has its roots in Greek and Roman discoveries in the eighteenth century. Thus, the style is lush and elegant. The great influence in the neoclassical style was the Scottish architect Robert Adam, who hadreinterpreted the classic concept of the addition of architectural elements fromdifferent cultures in it.

Neoclassical Decorating Style98jIdeas
Neoclassical Decorating Style98jIdeas


The colors in the neoclassical design, are mostly – cream, gray, light blue, yellowand green. Black, red, gold and clay is used as a highlight color. The wallpaper is used in conjunction with wall paintings and ceiling decorations this has created an upscale appearance.

Neoclassical Decorating Style568yideas
Neoclassical Decorating Style568yideas


Neoclassical furniture is simple but geometrically. The furniture was dark woodand soil may also be of marble and stone. Persian rugs are soil. Tissues duringthis period are luxurious and include silk, brocade, cotton and wool.


Urns, vases, Wedgwood china, pottery, screens and neoclassical statuesdecorate the interior in search of a very rich and detailed. Large mirrors and artwork decorated the walls with moldings extending from floor to ceiling.

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