Modern Square House by Frederico Architects

If you need a house that could afford your dynamic modern living and have a great elegant-looking, the Elegant House Design by Frederico Valsassina Architects will be the perfect one. Located in Estoril, Portugal, the house provides spacious-living space with large yard and outdoor swimming pool.


An Elegant House by Frederico Architects
An Elegant House by Frederico Architects

Large square windows attached in each room make the house more beautiful and provide enough sun exposure into the house. Moreover, it also provides beautiful view of warm surrounding of less densely populated neighborhood in which the house is built.
The spacious size divided into squarish room is said to be the simplifying that bring new atmosphere to the house. Yes, this house is a rebuilt from a standard-looking house into this magnificently-looking house with chic and comfortable ambiance.


The interior view of the house is dominated with modern minimalist style combined with string wood accents all over the house. The main attraction of the interior view would be the stair that is built without normal structure that covers it. Yes, it is more like flying stairs painted with timber-pattern color. The house has simple, yet beautiful lighting that make the entire house is very beautiful to be seen in the night time. It looks more like framed room that presents the blending of the style and the surrounding. Images Credit: Frederico Valsassina ArchitectsOpens in a new tab.

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