Make Your Bedroom “Sizzle” with Unique Headboard Designs

If you want to put the “wow” factor into your bedroom design, then making the headboad the focal point of the room is a good place to start. You don’t have to put out a lot of money either when you include any of the follow do-it-yourself headboards in your bedroom. Consider the type of headboard you would like – contemporary, traditional, vintage, etc. The following design ideas will take you where you want to go in creating a headboard masterpiece.

A Headboard for a Minimalist Décor

For example, if your desire is to create a contemporary bedroom in the minimalist style, then incorporate a platform bed on top of a dark wood base. Make the headboard the dramatic centerpeice. Use three panels to construct your headboard design – the top and bottom panels should be made with a tight-grain ash while the panel in the middle should be constructed with a recycled pressed wood. Add floating side tables to round out the look.

A Headboard from the Salvage Yard

You can also make a headboard out of salvaged materials – always an interesting look if you love to create and experiment with various “objects d’art.” The following look is not only unique and charming, it also adds a vintage appeal to a contemporary space.

For this headboard, an old door was rescued from a pile of burning rubble and was used with an old-time gate (reclaimed for use from the salvage yard and misted white with spray paint). In turn, a one-of-kind type of whimsical headboard was create whose reach can encompass a king-sized bed.

Cloth Panels

How about taking two panels and covering them with cloth? That is what was done with the following stylish headboard – a creation that would be welcome in any contemporary living space.

A Book Lover’s Headboard

For anyone who is a bibliophile or who likes to read at night, the following headboard creation uses a recessed area and shelving to create a stunning dream look for the lover of books. Add a rustic wood ceiling to produce even more impact.

Add white bed linens to this look to provide emphasis to the décor.

A Pallet Headboard

You can even use one of a pallet you see at construction sites or in a retail store – used to hold heavy boxes or cartons of soda. They can impact a bedroom’s décor almost instantly.

Laminated Flooring

You can stylize a headboard design out of laminated flooring. The follow picture showcases how this type of headboard is constructed.

Typical Headboard Styles

Typical headboards come in Baroque, Slab and Buttoned Styles with various types of colored or printed fabrics.

Sleeping Pillows or Image Headboard

Still, you do not have to opt for the tried-and-true, when you can make headboards, for instance, from sleeping pillows or with a large decorative picture behind the bed.

A One-of-a-Kind Look

Naturally, it is up to you as to how imaginative and decorative you can get. For instance, you can simply hang boat oars behind a bed for a one-of-a-kind look.

A Rug Headboard

You can also simply hang an ornate rug for a headboard too.

A Picket Fence Headboard

Even a picket fence can serve as a headboard as well.

A Headboard Made from Old Shutters

Take down those old shutters and turn them into a headboard as well.

You are Only Limited by Your Imagination

When it comes to headboard designs, you are only limited by your imagination. In coming up with a headboard idea, you need to first consider the theme and décor of the bedroom – contemporary, traditional, shabby chic, mission style, country or vintage. That way, you can shortlist your choices of possible headboards. For example, the above shutters may go well in a shabby chic or country décor.

A white picket fence naturally makes one think of a country design while an oriental rug can naturaly be placed in a traditional décor. You can add sleeping pillows for a headboard in a modern design and a fireplace mantle headboard is always at home in a traditional setting. Boar oars might be placed in collaboration to a nautical theme while a headboard made of a laminate flooring adds a great look to a modern décor.

First, think about the décor of your bedroom and then think about possible headboard ideas. Hopefully, the above-mentioned illustrations will give you the fodder you need to inspire a truly great creation.

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