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Kitchen Nano Garden
Kitchen Nano Garden

Hyundai’s Kitchen Nano Garden uses hydroponic technique to grow food. Gardening is a joy. It offers some of the best advantages. Breathing fresh air, fragrant flowers to cool the area and then of course the vegetables home. Hyundai has good news for those who do not have all the fun of gardening, because they have no place to practice. Hyundai plans to introduce its Kitchen Nano Garden. Yes, a lush garden right in the kitchen of the small apartment. The Nano looks like a garden to grow food hydroponically refrigerator, adjustable lighting, water supply and nutrients, without fertilizers and pesticides. Natural Air Purifier with gardening easy and simple procedure, The Kitchen Nano Garden is ideal for homes with the lack of outdoor space. Nothing is out yet on when to hit stores.

Kitchen Nano Garden

Eco Factor: garden produces food without the use of fertilizers and harmful pesticides.

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