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Elegant Britannia Rose Home Office Design Decoration Idea
Elegant Britannia Rose Home Office Design Decoration Idea

This furniture is the best trip of European models and complex through the current needs of consumers. With a desk nicely detailed with keyboard tray and central storage processor, the “Britannia Rose” collection turns any home office home office in an executive suite. Series Features: Constructed with select hardwood veneers, solid wood furniture resin patio. Antique “Black Rose” stained finish with gold accents invested. The old pewter color hardware. Senior executive of thekidney-shaped insert with the office of synthetic leather. There are also some of the features include furniture: reception box on the platform. and the center keyboard tray. Beaded drawer fronts. Shelving units double twist. The shelves are wood frames with glass box. Both sides are lighted. and also has lower storage drawers.

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