Green Mega Structures: The City in the Building

Green Mega structures: The City in the Building – Housing for All at Harbor North. The structures have always loved and done a good job of swinging breaths away.A beautiful structure, a suitable architecture construction or significant decrease are, of course, the jaws of wonder and admiration. This time the work was carried out by the goodness of the residential project called “The City in the building.” The project did not get the title of being the world’s most beautiful building, but it is certainly the best thinking and best construction project, to meet the needs of families of all sizes and singles competition under New Residential Housing Association Brabrand complex in Aarhus, Denmark. What is special about this remarkable structure? This is a mega structure. This is a huge residential complex, with capacity for 238 residential apartments, 83 families and 155 for the other students. It is ideally located in a peripheral groove near the port of North catchy.


Residential Project at Aarhus Harbour-Green Mega Structures
Residential Project at Aarhus Harbour-Green Mega Structures

Contributing factors are numerous, the main one is that, despite its simplicity, the whole plan has been pointed out very gently and was executed in a way even better. The location is excellent. Keep the lush factor aside, the whole complex circumfered around a common courtyard. The buildings of the complex are of different heights. Closest to the front of the water are the shortest and the increase in the size of the distance from the front main pipe. This allows equal exposure and justifies all the conditions of building wind and sun. The rear apartments may have the advantage of magnificent views from a distance and a greater height.The allocation of housing was also an intellectual work equally excellent. The apartments that are closer to the road in front and water were assigned to families, taking into account the needs of a practical resource for all days with the children. On the other hand, citizens beyond 55 years as well, is easy to reach any communications center on the road with nearby residences.

The apartments are far from the main road were awarded to students who naturally did not bother to go long distances on foot. The apartments are classified according based on the number of rooms, from 2 to 5. The dimensions are equally impressive, ranging from 78 to 115 square meters. What is new is only the plates of the agreements were constructed so that families who live here find a refuge for years and generations to come, even with a growing number of family members. The plan provisions are flexible enough to adapt to changes in family dynamics and architectural trends. The simplicity and humility of the brick structures have been overcome, or rather became an advantage, makes the perfect and precise planning. It has been shown to be better than the modern skyscraper city apartment. It’s more of a social agreement of a private home isolation. It also encourages greater interaction and psychological well-being of the residents who stay here.


Architect: The building is the result of collaborative efforts of the ADEPT and Lupau and Poulsen. Entrepreneurs of the image are Boligbyg Dansk ONDRAF and consulting engineers. ADEPT consists of three partners who contributed to the aura of the complex.

Objective: This is a residential plot with absolutely no trace of marketing.

Area: The tapes of the entire complex in a dimension of 12,000 square meters for each unit of measurement of 78 to 115 square feet of horizontal space.

Time of construction: All construction is expected to be completed in December 2013.

The entire complex would be completely self-sufficient in energy needs that are taken into account. Of course, the arrangements are better than those offered by the Municipal Corporation and the government. As part of a complex of greenhouses with roofs and common open spaces, those that remain have solar panels installed. This would produce enough electricity to meet the energy needs of all residents. And this is not just a plan for short-term facilities is performed taking into account the energy needs of 2025. In addition to solar panels, roofs also have systems to exploit rainwater, providing a solid solution to any problem of water. Thus, while the roofs would be resolved in order to fill the eyes of a speechless beauty, but also ensure that the beauty of nature remains intact. It does not harm the environment in all, the simple life, green is the only principle that could find a happy future on earth!

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