Green Mega Structures: Ordos Museum by Mad Architects

This building is like a pearl in the Gobi Desert, which emphasize the idea of ​​urban facilities in the new city and the development of Ordos. The building is a mega structure that focuses on the optimal use of natural and renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind. This is why the building looks like a rising sun in the meadow, while larger pieces of glass allows the reflection of sunlight, so the brightness of the building during the day. The effective natural ventilation system ensures that no one feels drowned, but the place is not well served. All building solar panels were installed. The exterior of this museum copper dark shades that give the building a sunny glow. While the metal is everywhere, but the shutters were placed so that the reflections are dissolved. The grids also allow sunlight to travel through the windows and light the way in inner galleries.

Ordos Museum
Ordos Museum

At the same time, the glass roof with solar panels and traps sunlight energy and energy through the channels of light that illuminates the walls with ease showrooms after sunset. Inside and outside resources to provide contrast of flexible pipes. Undoubtedly, this building is a mega structure that speaks volumes about his greatness and ecological importance. It is a green structure due to its optimal Mega use of natural resources. The design is certainly inspiring and futuristic!

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