Flower Bed Hotel by MVRDV

Here is a Flower Bed Hotel by MVRDV. This 19.5000 meter square hotel has been developed by MVRDV which is also a conference centre apart from a theme park and business hub. The entire entrance has been devoted to flowers and this is the reason that the theme park has been dub bed as the ‘Blooming Holland theme park.’ This green house shell consists of a series of buildings stacked together. The main area includes 280 hotel rooms and suites. The entire structure is stacked inside a green house.

MVRDV: Flower Bed Hotel
MVRDV: Flower Bed Hotel

Each room will have a floral theme and the huge parking space with a capacity of 140 cars will ensure that the area is fully utilized. Over 2 meter square of land has been designated for flower beds apart from 1.6 meter square conference center. The spacious lobby will be divided into three zones: public zone for visitors, a private zone for hotel guests and a mixed zone for interaction between hotel guests and visitors. The sun collectors along with windmills and flower beds in the interiors of this hotel would ensure that the whole building receives its energy and power from renewable and natural energy resources. Aimed at reducing carbon footprint, this hotel would be a mega structure.

Developer: The developers of the Flower bed hotel is a Dutch architectural firm MVRDV, which aims at building a mega structure which is not just renowned for its structural significance but also because of its ecological importance. The aim of structuring this building is to develop a giant powerhouse that combines the power of natural resources in a flower-covered hotel. The project developer of this structure is kloos2.

Estimated cost: The precise estimated cost of this building is not available at this moment, but the architectural firm is ensuring that every material used on this structure is of the best quality and satisfy the visitors without compromising on the ecological balance.

Purpose: Commercial

Surface Area: The total surface area of this hotel is 19.500 meter square which includes the hotel and conference center which will have flowers all around. This hotel will be located near the “Blooming Holland theme park” which is currently under construction. It is assumed that the hotel would serve as hosts to tourists and business travelers. A total of 2.100 meter square of land has been devoted to flower bed while a 550 meter square of fitness center would be the health area of this hotel.

Construction Time: It is estimated that the building would be constructed by the end of 2012, although at the present pace the building might be constructed before the deadline.

The flower bed hotel would be a greenhouse with a glass shell encapsulating the entire structure including guest room, fitness center, lobby and the conference center. The lobby would have several in-house plants and an indoor garden. A part of this lobby would be open to visitors to enjoy the surreal beauty of flowers. This hotel is the complementary addition to the theme park which is also dedicated to flowers.

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