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English Rural Farmhouse Sitting Room
English Rural Farmhouse Sitting Room

Zoopla is known as property website that provides thousands information of dream houses, both for sale and rent. One attractive house for rent is a traditional English country farm house. This house offers beautiful and natural countryside atmosphere. Exterior of this house is simple and humble. There is a garden with neatly trimmed lawn and shrubs. Inside, the interior is luxurious and romantic. This home is perfect for families who want a break from the city noise and let their children enjoy the nature.


There are fun colors playing in the home interior. Take the example of the blue sofa and orange cushions, golden lamps, black and white table, and light-colored carpet. There is even a bird cage that was placed in the corner of the room as a decoration. This home feels very airy because there are large windows and sliding glass doors. There is also balcony that’s directly overlooking the small garden.


As an alternative to the main house, you can choose a newly built cottage. This home has a living area, dining area, two bedrooms, and kitchen. Parking facility, a small porch in front of the house and rear gardens are also available. Even a variety of public facilities such as schools and hospitals are close to the house. This house is really suitable for small family.


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