Ernst & Young Headquarters-Foster Partners

Ernst & Young Headquarters-Foster_a333Partners
Ernst & Young Headquarters-Foster_a333Partners

This is a Ernst & Young Headquarters-Foster Partners. The 24-story building is divided into two columns, twelve feet wide, free tours withfloor plates open, flexible. The blocks are staggered in plan to admit as much natural light as possible, helping to make this ten percent faster than standardDutch environmental objectives. On the other hand, has a very nice lobby to see.

Bound by a common core transparent, the offices are served by meeting spacesand bright double-height space social allow communication between differentplants. Structural steel framework aluminum is coated in silver and black is offsetopaque panels, which reduces the definition of the individual floor levels. This lattice scales the entire front of 87 meters high and gives the building its identity.At the base of the building height of the mattress creates a hall space three levels, on the top of each tower north and south terraces are oriented in the structure.

The towers are approached via a courtyard with a pond of water under a green canopy. Define the relationship between public and private, this space houses thesocial functions, such as staff restaurant, a terrace, an auditorium and a bar,clustered around the water court. Along with a green roof on the restaurantbuilding, the pond has an important contribution to the environment. 65 percent ofrainwater is held in place while the flow of runoff in the Amsterdam canal systemto control water levels after heavy peak. The pond is naturally cleansed by aplanted biotope of reeds, water lilies and grasses.

Images Credit: sustainable buildings

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