DIY: Bathtub Faucet Repair Tips and Techniques

Did you know that you can fix a shower faucet that leaks and save hundreds of gallons of water per year? Most people think of a dripping faucet as an annoyance and not realize how precious water is wasted, a drop at a time. The good news is that almost anyone with some basic tools can learn to solve most leaky faucets.

DIY Bathtub Faucet Repair
DIY Bathtub Faucet Repair

Start with the basics. The valves have a primary objective to enable the water in the pipes to be used in a controlled manner. This means they have to open to allow water lines and close to keep water in pipes. It is not rocket science, right?The closure part is what we focus on here.

There Are Two Basic Faucet Designs

Sink taps when not fully catch the water pipes. Most faucets use one of two basic ways to stop the flow of water. Some, especially older designs, with rubber washers or neoprene that tighten against a “seat” and block the flow of water.Drops of these faucets by replacing washers are made and / or squares. Let’s talk about how in a minute. Most models of other faucets have a cartridge type.Some people call these “WASHERS” taps. Repair of water taps new style as this usually involves the replacement of the cartridge (s).

Washers And Seats

Older designs often use washers to lock touch and keep water in pipes. By tightening the control over the washer against a “seat” and closes the opening, thus interrupting the flow of water. If you need to repair a bathtub faucet in the key of three walls handle <is likely to have this type. You can also run in this style if you have to fix a shower faucet that leaks and has two handles. Many sink and lavatory faucets also use washers.

One way to tell whether or not your faucets use washers is to see if the handle is more difficult to change as you turn it off. If the turn too tight dripping stops, probably, but not always, this means that you have washers. If you have a leaky faucet that has washers, the basic repair process is very similar, if you need to know how to fix a shower faucet, repair a leaky faucet or the tub faucet drip repair sink. There are, however, an important difference.

Bathtub Faucet Repair

The only important thing to remember when setting up a bathtub faucet that leaks, is you have to turn the water throughout the house, before removing any parts other than the exterior trim pieces. If you are not sure what are the parts of the plate, simply turn the key first in case. Once the water has gone out of the house, you can start taking things apart. There are many different brands and models of faucets there and win a little different, so you will feel your way through.

Removing The Trim

The first step is to remove the handles. This is usually done by removing an access cover to grip the screw and then remove the screw. Then remove the handle. This may require a little finesse, as the handles sometimes get stuck in place. One trick is to place the handles of a pair of tweezers behind the faucet handle, one on each side, and press evenly on the handle to push. If this fails, you can buy a special tool to remove the handles, but these methods are sometimes difficult to find and usually a little patience is all you have to walk.

After he manages are off, there’s usually some kind of manga in the rod itself.Generally, you must leave too. Again, there are many different configurations. A popular design uses plastic tubes threaded for connecting the sleeve with the valve adjustment. Other types have the threaded sleeve directly on the tap. You must understand this step before continuing. If you can determine which brand of valve you have there is a good chance of finding the online instructions.

Now For The Root Of The Problem

Ok, so we have eliminated both the handles and trim any remaining sleeve valve.Now ready to get to the root of the problem, valve> stem. The washer is almost always at the other end of the valve stem of the handle. Usually, the stem is screwed into the valve body and you only need to unscrew to remove. Here’s a tip.Stick the handle back on one half of the second valve and open. This relieves pressure on the stem and makes it easier to unscrew.

Now just make sure you are correct, loosen the nut. Many valves have a nut around the rod. Usually a little smaller and just before the actual connection with the valve body. For the fastening nut is tightened to a particular material to wrap around the rod to prevent water leakage around the rod when the valve is in use.Loosen the lock nut will not help, you need to get your key in the real connection to the valve body. Indeed, a deep socket is often the only tool that will work to remove the valve stem.

Removing The Valve Stem

The best way to ensure you have the correct nut is to see if there is a gap between the nut and the valve body as you loosen the nut. The valve stem also generally good when. If you loosen the packing nut by mistake, do not worry, you set it before you’re done anyway. Go ahead and remove the two bars to keep up with the who’s who, is important in many valves.

After the bars have to be able to find the disc in the “inside” end. If it is cut, torn or brittle, it is probably the cause of leakage. Even if it looks brand new, go ahead and replace it. You’ve come all this way. You can get replacement washers at almost any hardware store. Sometimes you may want to replace the entire stem, especially if the end of the handle is stripped. It is best to take only the mother to the store and see if they can match. Most DIY stores have stem replacement for many popular brands. If the faucet has a center bypass valve to move the water from the shower tub the same process applies. It is often easier to replace than to repair the branch stem. Really depends upon the design of the stem.

How Are Your Seats?

One last thing is to check the seats. These are part of the valve body is pressed against the washer to stop the flow of water. If you can get your finger inside the valve, the feel of the seats and see if it feels rough. If this is the case, be better to replace if you can leave. The interior of seats, where the water flows through when the valve is open, a cavity is generally hexagonal or square. Special security keys are used to remove the seats. You can usually get these keys in the same place to get the other parties and are not expensive. You just stick the key in the seat and unscrew. Replacement seats screw the same way, just put a little pipe dope on the threads before installing.

Put It All Back Together

Once you understand what needs to be replaced, and done that, simply put everything together. If the faucet has nuts not to cut back until you have changed the water again. Once the water is running, go ahead and keep the handle for a second and open the valve. Make sure the water does not leak around the stem. If it leaks, handle opening half, set by the lock nut until the leak stops. Easy as pie. If you get too tight grip
be difficult to turn. Now finish installing the trim pieces and go.

Repairing Newer Style Water Faucets

If you have a newer version, the valve “ring” type of repair process is similar, but easier in general. Many of these valves type uses a self-contained cartridge. If the valve starts to flow, just replace the cartridge and you’re done. You still need to convert water and remove the handles and trim. The cartridge is normally held in place by a retaining nut on the valve body or in the case of most Moen valves, by a retaining clip. Simply remove the cartridge and put another in its place. If your hot and cold upside down when finished, turn the water back, remove the cartridge back, turn 180 degrees and reinstall it.

Delta Style Valves

Another common design is considered “ring” was made famous by Delta and copied by many other manufacturers. Use small “cup” that fit the seals on the springs built into the back of the valve body. Pressing springs “seals” against the cartridge and regulate the flow through small openings in the cartridge tapered. If you have one of these and it is leaking, the change of these springs and joints are usually correct. Here’s a tip. Once the cartridge from the drive, insert a screwdriver into the seal and pop both the seal and spring. New paste on the tip of the screwdriver to help guide in place. This is particularly useful if you do not have long, slender fingers.

Delta, and a few imitators, also plays a design that uses a ball instead of a cartridge. This is not as common in the tub or shower faucets, but there are plenty of them out there. The joints and springs are the same but there are more rings and the workpieces. The good news is that these parts are readily available.Although it is a bit more complicated to learn how to repair a Moen kitchen faucet, a piece of cake, it’s even easier to work with most washer type faucets.

These Techniques Work In The Kitchen Too

Armed with the knowledge acquired in this article, now not only knows how to fix a faucet shower and repair a leaky faucet, but you can apply these skills to many other faucets as well. After fitting a bath valve leaking, the arrest of a reduced tube current was a breeze. The techniques used to fill a “disk” repair bathtub faucet can be used during repair of water taps new style of all kinds. If you have an old bathtub faucet drips or a new kitchen faucet that just will not die, now you can fix.So put these new skills to use!

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