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Green in the Kitchen for Your Rooms
Green in the Kitchen for Your Rooms

Green can provide a cooling effect and quiet for you. This is the representation of nature. Perhaps not many people want to use the green for your home, but this may be because they do not know how to decorate your home with green. There are some ideas if you want to apply a little green to your room.

You can apply for green floor. Maybe you want to maintain a neutral decor for the rest of the room and if you apply for your green floor, a room can make all the fat and add more dynamics in your room. You may be surprised to know that the use of green roof can be interesting. It would be an unexpected feature that is captive of your home decor. You may want to put some contrasting color for your furniture, such as the brown color for your floor or couch.

Another idea of using green for decorating your home. Using green couch and green curtain will be interesting especially if the rest of the furniture and the walls are white. It can provide you with cooling effect and also very chic.

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