Decorate Bedroom with British Colonial Style

british colonial style ideas with natural wood
British colonial style ideas with natural wood

Here is example of Bedroom with British Colonial Style. One characteristic of British colonization of tropical areas, such as India, Africa, and the Caribbean islands is blend traditional British decorating design with the influences of many divers culture. This is an elegant  and unique bedroom decorating that blends traditional British style. The colonial color pale is inspired by sea, sun and desert effect, so this design is combined with neutral shades, dark accents, bright touches, fabrics and textures characteristic of British colonial design. You can combine the neutral shades with a base of neutral colors, including shades of warm white and subdued blues, beiges, greens and yellow tones. Dark accents can increase the supplement of neutral foundation. It can created by adding paint in shades of dark chocolate or coffee. You can find the bright touches reference from a Caribbean, Central American or South Indian influenced British colonial bedroom. Yellow accents or vibrant pink for this bedroom can be a good reference of bright effect. These are some fabrics and textures of British colonial which give an authentic British colonial feel in your bedroom : sea shells, zebra skin prints, coral, wicker, antlers, rattan, and tropical woods. Pineapples, palm leaves and seashell patterns is used to be themes in British colonial design. The British Colonial bedroom often painted walls in light colors to keep rooms bright and cool, because many of the areas colonized by the British had humid, and tropical climates. Painting walls in creamy white or pale neutral color is suitable for your bedroom. There are palm tree, tropical flowers and foliage as the regional framed prints and paintings. Reed wall hangings or tape tries made in colonized areas offer a dramatic touch. Dark tropical hardwoods is an ideal bedroom floors. Oriental carpets, zebra skin rugs and woven sisal rugs can be nice decorations of wood floors. Simple and airy windows in your colonial bedroom give a good view of the surrounding landscape. Bedroom furniture have pieces were generally smaller and lighter in weight. Dressers, nightstands armoire and other bedroom essentials are made of mahogany or teak wood with dark color, wicker, and rattan. You may want to include botanical fabrics, animal skin prints or leather for any upholstered chair or benches as classic British colonial elements. These are some tips for your excellent British colonial bed : A rattan headboard, thick cotton bedspreads, bedding with light flowing fabrics and botanical prints, sheer curtains surrounding the bed, and decorative pillows or blanket throws with animal prints. Frame and hang a vintage map can be a travel accessories, but don’t forget to use an antique stamer trunk or display antique suitcase in a corner. For the photo, you can choose sepia toned photos framed in cast iron or other metals. Some framed paintings of sailing ships increase the nautical accents. For the vintage touches, add some relics from the British colonial era such as leather bound books, hurricane lamps or antique glass bottles. English crystal decanters or china tea sets gives the British elegance. Bring some exotic life and color to your bedroom with tropical flowers and green plants for your dresser, nightstand or floor. Include some accessories from the Caribbean islands such as pottery, wicker sconces and baskets, wicker or carved wood three-panel dressing screens and ornate Caribean decorations.Try this easy design bedroom and You’ll have sweet dreams of stately travels to exotic destinations in a British colonial bedroom that blends the best aspects of many varied traditions.

British colonial style with tropical resort
British colonial style with tropical resort

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british colonial bedrrom with antique lamp and nightstands armoires
British colonial bedroom with antique lamp and nightstands armoires

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british colonial style with army window and tropical tree
British colonial style with army window and tropical tree

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british colonial style with neutral shades, dark accents, bright touches
british colonial style with neutral shades, dark accents, bright touches

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