Country Kitchen Ideas : Mixing of Modern and Traditional Style

Do you want to have kitchen blends the modern and the rustic? The identity of country kitchen is use down to earth style and lived in looks make country kitchens among the most comfortable and inviting rooms to be in.

Country style kitchens have a timeless and natural appearance.

To increase the country style, wide-planked wood floors, antique brass hardware, knotty pine furniture, and antique knick-knacks can used for it. 

Natural materials, such as wooden beams and brick fireplace will give the traditional atmosphere in your modern kitchen.

Modern doesn’t mean you have to banish all wood and stone from your kitchen. 

The trademarks of country kitchen designs are painted and glazed cabinets, farmhouse sinks, beadboard panels, and open shelving. Some traditional elements in your kitchen can add contemporary flair with using modern lighting as the contrast.

If most of your kitchen furniture are modern, such as modern cabinetry, you can mix it with tiled backsplash and wall, that reaches right up to the ceiling and the traditional brass lamps.

Traditional items mix with modern items can not always be a cozy and beautiful country kitchen.

The problem is the potential to combine styles that clash, without ever achieving that sense of effortlessness that is always a goal in rustic surroundings. To avoid that problem, you have to focus on changing just one or two elements.

For example, you can design chimney made of brick as the place of your stoves. Or, you can use wooden cupboard between the other modern kitchen items.

Collectible Coke bottles next to an American flag, a lantern sitting on a shelf, and images of roosters glazed on platters and mugs will reminder you about old American, part of country.

You can add  stronger colors from nature, including reds, purples, and greens if you want to feel English Country Kitchens. Here is a collection of country kitchen pictures for your enjoyment.

eclectic kitchen design with brick wall by NY architect Ben Herzog

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country kitchen with wide planked wood floors
country kitchen with traditional kitchen cabinets
English Country Kitchens

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