Chic Modern Huis aan ‘t laar by 51N4E


Unique Front House - by 51N4E
Unique Front House – by 51N4E

The name of the house which means “house at the open space in the forest” matches perfectly with this house. Formerly a laboratory for mental healthcare that serves people with mental disability and their families, the house was built in 2012. The residence now functions as studio for young/adults with intellectual disability. As long as they are doing the therapy from Monnikenheide, the clients can live in the house.


The house is located in small forest in Zoersel, Antwerp. With small wood in the surrounding, the house stands solidly with charcoal black outer structure. The exterior design creates somewhat mysterious vibe about the house. In contrary, the interior is more sleek and stylish with steel and white painted wall dominating the design. To provide sun exposure to the house, plain square windows are equipped to the house. When the night comes, the house looks more like craved block with cavity inside.


With 1,320 square meter area, the house is spacious. The natural view – trees in the forest, the blue sky, etc- and the peaceful atmosphere that is provided by the surrounding hopefully support the care of the clients. With all features and atmosphere of the house, it is an example how architecture plays its function.

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