Bionic-Arch by Callebaut Buildings

Bionic-Arch by Callebaut240 Architects
Bionic-Arch by Callebaut240 Architects

This is a Bionic-Arch by Callebaut Buildings. For the centenary of the establishment of “Taiwan ROC”, the main objective of the government of the city of Taichung is in honor of local buildings traditions and symbolizes the new dynamism of Taiwan’s achievements in economic, political, social and cultural .

International Model of the 21st century green buildings, innovative design and a pioneer in the Ark of Bionic by Vincent Callebaut Architecture is part of the newmaster plan “of Taichung Gateway – Gateway City asset,” the future of urban oasis style life, innovation, culture and biodiversity in the heart of central Taiwan.

The green tower, combines and exceeds nine key indicators that define a green buildings by law, and enhances the relationship between the site and surrounding Taichung Gateway Park, including the integration of the environment of the park and the green earth, the integration green vertical platforms, sky gardens and facades of life, the interaction between human and natural environment. Actively contributes to developing the use of new sustainable energy (solar and wind, along with botanical and bio-technologies), focuses on coexistence and respectful attitude to levels even higher than regular green buildings.

Awareness of climate change and the need for environmental protection, TaiwanTower will become the new emblem of durability, 100% self-sufficient with zeroCO2 emissions, contributing to government policy in terms of saving energy andreducing carbon.

Bionic-Arch by Callebaut Buildings-3D Architectures

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