Best and Worst Colors for Each Room in Your House

Picking Colors For Your Home Decor

Although there is probably no definitive color better or for worse or for any specific room in your home, there are certainly some guidelines you can follow to make good choices of color. In addition to considering the use of the room, assess the general lighting in the room, the size of the room and your own personal preferences of colors before choosing a color.

woman picking paint colors for each room in your house
woman picking paint colors for each room in your house

Colors for the dining room

When choosing colors for dining, neutral colors tend to be the most popular. Not only are these colors convey a sense of warmth, but also very versatile. Using color psychology, colors like red and orange tend to be challenging and is thought to increase the appetite of a person. At the other end of the spectrum, blue tends to suppress appetite, and as such, is often seen as a color option for the poor dining.

Colors for the kitchen

When choosing colors for the kitchen, using the color of the cabinets as a guide is often the best approach, taking into account the fact that the cabinets are some of the most prized of the room. The most popular colors for use in the kitchen are earth tones like brown, peach and yellow. Strong colors such as red brick, also look good in the kitchen, mostly used as an accent color and more neutral tones.

Green and blue are not generally considered the best choice for cooking, especially in light colors. However, the accents of black hunter green or blue can sometimes be used effectively.

Colors for the living room

The colors in the room of life are often the most chosen by taking the total size and lighting of the room into consideration. The mood you are trying to reach is also important. Light colors make the room look bigger, but the use of dark colors is also sometimes desirable because it can add warmth to a room.

Warm colors, if light colors like beige tones, cream or yellow can add a warm and cozy while cool colors such as gray can add a more formal look. The intense colors like red are usually not good choices for a living because they are too stimulating, but burgundy and brown can be used effectively.

Colors for the bathroom

When choosing colors for the bathroom, taking into consideration the overall effect you are trying to achieve. Light colors and shadows of nature as light blue, sea foam green and light tones of the earth have always been popular for bathing, as this may create a feeling of relaxation and spa.

Try to avoid very dark colors, if the bathroom is small, as these colors will only make the room look smaller. However, darker colors can be used effectively to create dramatic effects. Because the room is small, almost any color to suit your personal preferences can be used effectively.

Colors for the bedroom

The choice of soothing colors such as blues, greens and earth tones and light is often the best approach to the bedroom. Try to avoid bright colors and vibrations such as red, yellow and other bright colors intense, at least in large areas, because they are too stimulating for a rest room and bedroom. However, a romantic look can be created with colors like burgundy, peach, or in shades of coral pink.

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