Affordable Shipping Container House

Affordable Container House947Architects
Affordable Container House947Architects

Shipping containers are at the forefront of a new era of utility. Traditionally used for transporting goods by ship, rail or truck, these steel boxes capable of supporting large amounts of pressure and weight. This makes them structurally stable, fire resistant, mold proof and weatherproof. Unfortunately everyone has a lifespan of only 20 years for its original purpose. This means that when their work is carried out transport material, were removed and sent to landfills or scrap, although still structurally sound. Now architects and designers to recognize its usefulness as building blocks for houses, offices, departments, schools and more.This house was built in Quebec in an attempt to partner in reducing the amount of wood that goes into building homes and save money.

Looking from the outside never know that the September 8 x 20 foot containers were used to build this house. The participant because the outer coating is covered with normal and 5 to 5 1/2 inch aerosol foam insulation. Inside, however, can be seen inside each shipping container and corrugated steel frame. Even the serial numbers for each container and a few strokes are visible. Not all houses are like shipping containers, but many are using a combination of inside and outside with conventional materials to hide the steel structure. However, this pair of Quebec, the architect Bernard Morin and his wife Joyce Labelle, wanted to show the containers which are modern and strong AI.

The 4 bedroom home is 3,000 square meters and built for a family with six children. A traditional house of this size with a wooden frame would cost the family at least $ 400,000, but said the family only $ 175 000. The participant $ 58 per square foot – almost unheard of for an American home. What is one reason why shipping container homes are becoming so popular – that AORE cheap to build.They also have a number of other advantages such as structural stability, low maintenance, putrefaction and mildew resistant, and are very easy to assemble and build a house quickly. This house took only 10 months to build.

Maple trees in the lot have been destroyed to make way for the house, but were later reused to support implementation beams and staircases. The floors are concrete with radiant heating and air conditioning to keep the house at a comfortable temperature. Other features include a glass shower door-less stone tile rivers, soils of the original shipping containers were reused in the ceiling and the metal net is used as exterior decking. All this helps to create a modern, urban home to research, but built in a forest.

This pair of Quebec even started a company called Maison Idekit start building more houses shipping containers. More than two residential projects in the tables to begin this summer and their house with four different plans ready to build. As manufactured homes, shipping containers houses are very quick to build.Workplace and the work of completed first gray, then the containers are installed in less than a day, and soon after, the interior is constructed. The long process of development of a house is left out, reducing construction time and cost a lot.

Images Credit: Recycled Container Homes

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