About Us

I always have hard time to talk about myself. Let me try 🙂

I am an husband (happily married for 16 years and going strong) and dad of 3 kids (2 boys and a daughter). Of course I’ll need to mention out dog, Funny as well 🙂

We live in a house in NJ, USA. Even though we have backyard to have some fresh air, most of the time it’s not enough and we love to go to weekend trips and camping. Our favorite activity as a family is to find new trails in the tri-state area.

All 5 of us are stuck at home last 12 months because of covid-19. Finally a couple of months ago, most of the national parks are back open and we started enjoying our trips.

Our latest interest is Tiny Houses. As soon as the life goes back to normal, our target is to have a trip with an RV. And in the future to buy a Tiny House for longer trips.

Hope you will enjoy my site and keep visiting.

Kutluay S.