3D Architecture: Tower in Acapulco City

This is a 3D Architecture Tower in Acapulco City. Acapulco is a city where the climate is warm all year. Environmentalists estimate that the amount of heat received by the city can be used as a resource at hand.Just use effectively and improve the infrastructure accordingly. Details of the architecture and structure can be modified and improvised using this excess heat.This is a great way to create renewable energy sources to combat energy shortages and rising prices. The high temperature leads to the use of the refrigeration system for many hours in the city. They are installed in almost every apartment in Acapulco. If renewable energy is used for cooling instead of energy consumption can be reduced.

The Acapulco Green Tower
The Acapulco Green Tower

A complex ecological residential development is proposed on the beach, located near the Sea of ​​Acapulco. There is a vacancy in front of the beach, where they built the complex. The location is absolutely great, gives a view of the beach and the city. There are also many hotels nearby.

A conception rate of the cubes was chosen to create the structure. The hub design intended to emulate a tree. The apartments are of this structure are truly green. The building also has a considerable thickness, which is wide enough. The project was an entry in the international competition, Acapulco Green Tower.Designed by Vasily Zeleznakov Far East National Technical University. The project was one of ten finalists in the competition.

Tower in Acapulco City: Innovation in the design

The building has several plans in the form of thin plates and nearby structures are.You can also say that looks like the cards stacked on each other, only with an important space between the two. Like a tree, the wind blowing through the building interior is cooled considerably. The space allows the flow of the air flow through the interior. In addition, the interiors are made so they have a natural barrier against direct sunlight. Only the soft sunlight and reflective of flow within the apartments.

The windows are designed so as to cool the entire building and to protect the blisters residing outside of the sun. They are made with fotoelements functioning as Venetian blinds. These fotoelements also produce energy. No one in this building requires a cooling system for long hours, which helps save energy and reduce the cost of living. The building can also produce electricity by itself, another pen at the top.


Tower in Acapulco City: The inspiration for the project

The idea was to create a structure that is similar to a tree. The beauty of a tree is that its structure is not full, there are huge spaces between the branches. The open network allows wind to pass through it to cool. If such a design can be applied to residential then the energy needed for cooling is drastically reduced.Household spending and lower energy is conserved.

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