3D Architecture: Siloo O in Amsterdam by NL Architects is a Climbers Haven

Here is a Siloo O is a Climbers Haven in Amsterdam by NL Architects: 3D Architecture. Siloo O is a world class project for a climbing gym and climbing park indoor and outdoor. The concept proposes to reuse the existing silo Zeeburgereiland Island, Amsterdam and seeks to provide climbers with an interesting place in the city center. The concept Siloo O include the use of three existing silos located on the abandoned site and try to reuse and update the existing structure to create a climbing park for lovers of local adventure sports.

Siloo O by NL Architects
Siloo O by NL Architects

The updated design has in its frontal protuberances to provide outdoor eaves, as if the structure has a lot of especially long overhangs front of the building and outside the building itself contains a series of balconies and terraces that serve as a resting place and meeting place for climbers.

Conceptualized by Amsterdam, the architects of the National League based in the Netherlands, oh Siloo offers a triangular with three external structures are close to each other. The 42 meter high building is in a rectangular field with the outside of each building manipulated to create moments of the extension. Each storage tower has its own individual identity and facade structures are created intentionally to give the appearance of a sculptural installation as well.


Images of Siloo O in Amsterdam by NL Architects is a Climbers Haven.

Creating windows with glass openings, the triangular pattern allows the Siloo Or stand on the skyline. Inside, the property features a cave cone that rises to a height of 20 meters and serves as a space for indoor climbing. The room block at the top has an opening to let in the light of day, while large windows in the building to provide indoor space is flooded with natural light.

The upper floors accommodate office space for sport climbing and related companies, sports outings and office space are provided along the upper floors of the building. A park in three dimensions, which was raised at some point to serve as a continuous green belt is provided between the three independent structures to create a sense of cohesion in the wider context of design.

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