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Green Mega Structures: The City in the Building

Residential Project at Aarhus Harbour-Green Mega Structures

Green Mega structures: The City in the Building – Housing for All at Harbor North. The structures have always loved and done a good job of swinging breaths away.A beautiful structure, a suitable architecture construction or significant decrease are, of course, the jaws of wonder and admiration. This time the work was carried out by the goodness of the residential project […]

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Sidoarjo Mud Volcano Research Center

Mud Volcano Research Center at Sidoarjo-Bird eye view

The Sidoarjo mud flow of Lapindo or mud is a mud volcano in the area of ​​Porong, Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia, which has been underway since May 2006. The first effort of the government will continue to plug the hole with the ball tied concrete dam and surrounding areas affected, while efforts to resettle the evacuees will begin immediately. But it takes a lot of money. Then, taking into account the start ofthe rainy season, mud and hot water should be discharged into the sea, to make awater pipe through the Porong river, even if it means without being processed by […]

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