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Ten Sustainable Projects that Earned LEED Platinum Certification

The Sustainable Projects

There are some projects which have earned LEED Platinum certification and are mentioned here: 1. Sustainable Projects: Net zero modern house in South Korea This project includes a zero energy house with green features and adds 3208 square feet of visitor space to the pavilion. It is located in Yongin, and is the first LEED Platinum project in East Asia, designed by […]

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Classic Kids Room

Classic Kids Room_a66Designs

This is a Classic Kids Room. Check out the models of the classic Kids Room suitable for children with furniture made by the Italian Arcadia. The Kids Rooms look spacious, the furniture due to the light. All the cabinets and closets are so important in Kids Rooms. There is great hope that will help our children stay relatively clean messy room. Be inspired by the classic furniture that makes even the environment of children look sophisticated and stylish.

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