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Decorate Bedroom with British Colonial Style

Here is example of Bedroom with British Colonial Style. One characteristic of British colonization of tropical areas, such as India, Africa, and the Caribbean islands is blend traditional British decorating design with the influences of many divers culture. This is an elegant  and unique bedroom decorating that blends traditional British style. The colonial color pale is inspired by sea, sun […]

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Simple Minimalist Office Interior Design by Elding Oscarson

Minimalist Office Interior Design

Here is a Simple Minimalist Office Interior Design by Elding Oscarson . A new concept of an office that uses the room once stable and maximizes roombrilliantly troops access and communication among employees. There are two long tables with chairs as a meeting room, and several sets of desks as the placewhere you can take in lodgers. Elding Oscarson creates two stairs at the intersection of two walls as a gateway for the movement of people from the lower to the upper floors. No Picnic, the name of the office, allows the open space as a […]

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