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An Unique Architecture, Hammock-Shaped Guest House by TOTeMS Architecture

What do we need a vacation with guest house? Usually, most of people want to enjoy holiday in some beautiful place at a guest house. They want to forget everything in their work, leave their busy daily activities, relax, and enjoy the fresh air. Do you know that there is an unique guest house located on a barrier island in Florida? […]

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Modern Deck House Design from Takeshi Hosaka Architects

Do you want to have modern deck house? This is a new project from the famous Japanese architecture firm, Takeshi Hosaka Architects. It’s called Deck House which has a large window for a lighting in interior home decor from ceiling into floor. White color for your home make it look fresh, clean, elegant and beautiful, so usually the Japanese like […]

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Beautiful Building and Life

Artistic Random Edges of Wooden for the Walls Aimai House

Images Credit: Kengo Kuma This is a Beautiful Building and Life. Everyone should have their architecture view about future building will look like ? And here is part of the beautiful design that’s creative design creative architecture. Building Information Modeling introduce a platform for the process of building design and construction of the model. The building design is very detailed process design of commercial buildings with BIM profitable. The building is one of the largest commercial solutions to provide the building designer and modeling of steel structures industry. Outsourcing Detailing is a skill and to provide various […]

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