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The Meta Mosaic Architecture Plan for Student Housing

Mosaic Architecture Plan for Student

Here is a The Meta Mosaic Architecture Plan for Student Housing. The mosaic of target architecture is essentially designed to fulfill the purpose of student accommodation in a very effective style. The architecture includes mainly historical triangle concept combined with the use of the mosaic. Solve the two goals in human life. On the one hand the basic units of individual housing are […]

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3D Architecture: Tower in Acapulco City

The Acapulco Green Tower

This is a 3D Architecture Tower in Acapulco City. Acapulco is a city where the climate is warm all year. Environmentalists estimate that the amount of heat received by the city can be used as a resource at hand.Just use effectively and improve the infrastructure accordingly. Details of the architecture and structure can be modified and improvised using this excess heat.This is a […]

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The Power House by Michael Jantzen

The Power House In Valencia By Michael Jantzen

The Power House is a conceptual proposal for a modular system that can vary in size and shape depending on how the core modules are configured. Structures can be used as alternative homes and / or for many other uses such ascommercial or retail facilities. This design is based on twenty-two square metersof modules that can be used independently and / or concentrates, directly orconnecting small modules to form larger structures. These smaller connector modules can vary in size and can also be used as additions to small parts. Thefeeding chamber may be of different materials, however, most of this research is directed to the […]

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Green Mega Structures: The City in the Building

Residential Project at Aarhus Harbour-Green Mega Structures

Green Mega structures: The City in the Building – Housing for All at Harbor North. The structures have always loved and done a good job of swinging breaths away.A beautiful structure, a suitable architecture construction or significant decrease are, of course, the jaws of wonder and admiration. This time the work was carried out by the goodness of the residential project […]

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