Colnago C60

He was the frame builder of Eddy Merckx and was bicycle sponsor into the Mapei team in the 1990s, with the C40 the carbon bike to acquire Paris-Roubaix in 1995. It’s also become the marque behind a series of other teams through the years.

Merckx set the hour record in 1972 on a Colnago and the manufacturer has promoted a series of race bike creations, such as in 1989 the first carbon fiber bike frame. Its machines have been decked out with the Colnago ace of head tube badge.


It’s a carbon frame with the tubes glued to the linking bits that are strengthened. Downtube and the top tube have a star-shaped.

The C60 is superbly finished, both in its own paintwork and rugged construction

All of the tubes are butted so that they are thinner at the center than at the ends to save weight. The tube is beefy, while the seat tube is asymmetric, with all wires routed and beneath Colnago’s own bracket shell. This leads to power transfer that is good and a ride feel.

It utilizes alloy dropouts for reliability and their durability. However, including integration and aero features in their machines makers are at this price. This is something which is currently lacking in the C60 but that Colnago does supply in the V2-R that is recently launched.


Colnago delivers the C60 in nine sizes with sloping top tubes, beginning at 42cm and moving up to 60cm. A further five dimensions are with horizontal tubes and with head tubes that are longer, so there is an assortment of geometries to accommodate styles and rider sizes. There’s also an array of an alternative and nine unique colors.

Colnago sizes its frames from the seat tube length, so the dimensions 50 analyzed is significantly larger than it seems.

The tube is graced by Ernesto Colnago’s signature.

So there is a complete (previous generation) Dura-Ace R9000 mechanical groupset. This reminds you how great Dura-Ace was before its upgrade.

But this does lead to jumps so you do not get a ratio for climbs.

They come with Hutchinson Fusion 5 tires. They look smart, match the racing lines of the C60 and roll. They’re a fantastic fit to the functionality of the frames manufacturers lie on wheels.


The shirts that are broad providing aero benefits as well as are comfortable. Another finishing kit is Colnago branded: a metal stem, 31.6millimeter carbon setback seatpost, and Selle Italia SLR saddle.

It feels like a bicycle that needs to be ridden with excellent power transfer through triangle that is strong and its bottom bracket. Although I had to tape the valves to remove an annoying rattle the wheels generate a satisfying hum too. Although braking creates a squeal they brake in the dry using their pads.


With its remarkable light weight and strong platform for electricity transfer the C60 climbs nicely, although I could have done with a larger range tape compared to the 11-25 supplied. On roads, I discovered I shifted into the chainring.

Descending was fast, secure and pinpoint accurate. The C60 is surprisingly comfortable for longer rides, although a seatpost that is modern would make throughout the saddle for transmission of road bumps.

At approximately #8,000 for the entire bicycle, the Colnago C60 is right up there with top bicycles from different makes, be sure to buy the best bicycle pump for it.

And you get an excess dose of this Colnago logo on the kit’s rest. But seatpost and the construction together with the lack of aero and integration attributes make the C60 frameset feel a little dated.

The C60 includes a historical brand name and quality craftsmanship, with appearances and ride texture to back this up. It’s a machine quickly on the handling down and up. However, it lacks the more modern specification and aero characteristics of a lot of its rivals at this price, so finally you are buying in the Colnago brand and its own mystique, together with the opportunity to choose your own specification, as much as the C60’s layout features.

Updated: Sunday, April 26, 2020 — 8:00 am

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