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Bionic-Arch by Callebaut Buildings

Bionic-Arch by Callebaut240 Architects
Bionic-Arch by Callebaut231 ArchitectsBionic-Arch by Callebaut237 ArchitectsBionic-Arch by Callebaut241 ArchitectsBionic-Arch by Callebaut240 ArchitectsBionic-Arch by Callebaut238 Architects

Wednesday, July 30, 2014. 3D Architectures, Bionic-Arch by Callebaut Buildings.

This is a Bionic-Arch by Callebaut Buildings. For the centenary of the establishment of “Taiwan ROC”, the main objective of the government of the city of Taichung is in honor of local buildings traditions and symbolizes the new dynamism of Taiwan’s achievements in economic, political, social and cultural .
International Model of the 21st century green buildings, innovative design and a pioneer in the Ark of Bionic by Vincent Callebaut Architecture is part of the newmaster …Read More

Some Tips for DIY Vertical Gardens

vines flower vertical garden
vines flower vertical gardenvines with a trellisClematis Etoile Violette (perennial vine)tomatoes vertical gardenroses vines

Tuesday, July 29, 2014. DIY, Some Tips for DIY Vertical Gardens.

When you want to have beautiful garden in your home, but you don’t have a huge plot of land to grow a garden, the solution is Vined plants. They can help you to solve your problem, because vines grow upward. Vined plants is amazing and unique plants, they grow and climb up other structures …Read More

Unique Space Saving Kid’s Bunk Beds Ideas

wooden bunk beds with unique space saving
unique bunk beds secured with ropescolorful bunk beds with drawers as unique space savingbunk beds display a tropical environmentkid's bunk beds with jail themewooden bunk beds with unique space saving

Tuesday, July 29, 2014. Kids Rooms, Unique Space Saving Kid’s Bunk Beds Ideas.

For home with limited space and children, kid’s bunk beds are the ideal beds. Modern bedroom furniture is available in well designed with plenty of storage space and room for a relaxing and a good sleep. There are many do-it-yourself kits that can allow innovative parents to design their own kid’s bunk beds.The different …Read More

How to Design Kitchen Pantry

wooden free standing pantry
Detail of kitchen pantryOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwalk-in kitchen pantrywooden free standing pantryvertical pantry in the corner

Monday, July 28, 2014. How To Decor, Kitchens, How to Design Kitchen Pantry.

Image Credits : gharexpert
Storing food in the kitchen is cost effective, so kitchen pantries can be functional and aesthetically appealing storage solutions for items that you use to cook. Storing food in your kitchen will keep your prepared for emergencies. You can easily organize your food to the storage. A pantry …Read More

Garden Design for Your Home

garden home design
Flower garden on the terracehome garden with hedgerowssmall home gardenLandscape flower gardengarden home design

Monday, July 28, 2014. Gardening Designs, Garden Design for Your Home.

Image Credits : gardendesignx
Having a fresh and marvelous home garden in your home is a dream every people. If your hobby is gardening, garden is a great landscaping tool. These are some needs to do some planning before you dig up the back yard, such as decide how much flowers you have, consider is how much …Read More